Fitness Tips to Get Bikini Ready
Top 10 Fitness Tips to Get Bikini Ready

opcje binarne biznes If you have stepped foot into a Target in the last couple of weeks, you will have discovered it is officially BIKINI SEASON in retail-land. Which means… You have probably started considering the fact that your body may or may not be ready to jump into that brand new bikini you have been eyeing. Whether it is weight loss or just toning up, both exercise and nutrition play a huge role in getting you swimsuit-ready and these fitness tips will get you started on the right track! (Then, make sure to check out my top ten nutrition tips).

www topoption Top 10 Fitness Tips:


go here Weighted Squats: Get ready to lift and tone your backside with weighted squats. Whether you use a sandbag, a barbell, dumbbells, or whatever you have access to, weighted squats are a great calorie burner and will make your butt look perfectly toned in your bikini. It is no secret that squats are essential to a perfect bikini booty!

binäre optionen dax Hip Bridge: This simple move is great and targets other muscles in addition to your glutes; such as, your hips and lower back!  Overall, it’s a great core exercise to add to your bikini ready routine. If the basic bridge is too easy for you, you can add more difficult modifications; such as, doing single leg bridges and alternating sides, adding a little bit of weight to your hips, or even bridge hip lifts starting at the ground then lifting your hips back up into a bridge and repeating this movement.

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