Hiring a Nanny
The Five Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

You are a working machine! You go “from zero to hero” in a matter of seconds, and you have to! Your little ones aren’t waiting for you to finish your work. They demand much needed attention, and rightfully so. But how do you find the balance between working from your home office and tending to the needs of your little one? As long as it’s just you and your little Energizer Bunny at home, you simply cannot. You might as well wait until nap time or until your husband comes home to get any work done. But this one option will give you peace of mind and fit your budget, all without utilizing daycare: hiring a Nanny. Before you gasp at the thought of the cost of an in-home sitter, this helpful information may change your tune.

Saves You Money

These days, nannies come from a variety of backgrounds, and are not just associated with rich families. A nanny can be a family member, a friend, or even your neighbor. They can be male or female and have many occupations, too. The most important aspect of having a nanny at home is finding the one that fits right in. For example, your child has grown a liking to him/her and they are flexible, enjoying the weekly arrangements. Although nanny fees differ, you need to find one that fits your budget but falls in a professional category. According to 2012 INA Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey, the average hourly wage for short term sitting is $16.00 an hour, and is $705 a week for full-time. When you work from home, daycare costs can get pricey, especially with two or more children. Hiring a nanny can cut expenses such as meals provided, school activities, and especially gas costs to and from. You can work from home while having the peace of mind that your child is right in the next room.

Another way to cut down the expense of in-home child care is to find a nanny that has children of her own and wouldn’t mind bringing them along. Sometimes, this may just be what the nanny is looking for, too! “Nanny Share” is a great option and benefits two families who use one nanny, sharing the cost. This is another great way to save a little extra money!


When your child gets sick, you can expect a call to come pick him up from school. This is tiresome not only for your sick little one, but is a disruption in your workday, too. Workplace productivity will remain high when you can feel as though your child is being taken care of properly during these times. A nanny will give you that assistance and care for your child, even on sick days.

The Continual Bond

A nanny has a very low turn-over rate in comparison to staff at daycare facilities. Doesn’t it just stink that when you have that one favorite daycare worker, she puts her notice in? Your bond is strong and ever-growing with an in-home nanny because you develop a long lasting relationship that works for both of you.

Date Night

Lastly, who doesn’t want a date night every once in a while? You and your partner work long and strenuous hours and deserve a night out. With most daycare facilities, you have a small window of time in which to pick up your child. Some may have extended hours or “wrap around care,” but not without a lovely fee. With enough notice, your nanny may be able to stay for a few extra hours, without hassle.

These are just a few reasons why a nanny is so handy during your busy work-from- home days. Learn more about how to keep a naturally efficient environment for work-at- home-moms here!

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