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Spice Up Your Mom Uniform With These 4 Spring Trends!
Everyday Maeve Spring Fashion Trends to Update Your Mom Uniform
My name is Maeve! I’m a stay-at-home mom who loves fashion, interior decorating, trying new recipes and creating new things! So come along on my journey, Everyday Maeve!

I will be the first one to admit that I love my leggings! Just throw them on with a cute shirt (preferably black or gray to hide the kids stains) and bam that’s my go-to mom uniform. Sounds kind of boring…right? Well being comfortable is a big priority to most mamas and boring or not that is my comfy outfit.

Honestly though, I do tend to get pretty bored with my usual mom uniform and I know my hubby does too. So I like to add some of the latest’s fashion trends to help spruce it up. You know, so I’m not totally out of the loop and don’t wear the same thing to baby time every week!

So from Elle, Glamour and In Style here are my 4 favorite spring trends to spruce up any mom uniform.

Fringe Fashion TrendFringe

Fringe has been in since last spring, but it is definitely making a comeback again this season! It flooded the runway and I certainly cannot complain. Fringe adds flair to leggings and looks even better paired with jeans. It is everywhere and on everything. I love to throw on a cute fringe jacket with some leggings or even if I am feeling daring some jeans! Check out these adorable fringe pieces that will give the perfect pop to your mom uniform.

Suede Fashion TrendI was a little confused when I first saw suede hit the runway for spring. That’s not really the first thing I think about when I think spring, but hey fashion is a mysterious thing! I really cannot complain though because suede is one of my favorite purse materials. Another plus about suede being in style is that it goes perfectly with fringe; they are a match made in heaven! So if you get a suede purse with fringe it’s the best of both worlds! Here are some of my favorite suede pieces that I am currently obsessing over.

thumbnail_Stripe Fashion TrendsStripes

Love me some stripes and thankfully they are still in! Shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, stripes make any outfit work and definitely help the boring mom uniform look cuter. I love adding a cute stripped hat with my mom outfit especially on sunny days! Got to keep those wrinkles at bay… am I right? Here are some of my favorite striped styles at the current moment.

Denim Fashion TrendDenim

To be more specific, lightweight denim is a big spring trend. Now, we all know that jeans will never go out of style, but I am talking about denim shirts, shoes, and accessories. Pair any of these bad boys with your mom leggings and you will be sure to have all the mamas asking where you’re shopping.

So ladies don’t get stuck wearing the same mom uniform over and over again, spice it up with these four spring trends!

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