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Instilling the Love of Reading in Your Child + The Story Box Giveaway

I have always been an avid reader; when my first grade teacher asked the class to write their goal for that year to display on the classroom wall, I said that I “wanted to read all the books in the world”. I still have that paper! Granted, I never accomplished that goal but to this day (although a little more difficult with a toddler) it is something that helps expand my mind and gives me a break from reality.

I began reading to my now 17 month old from the moment she was born. I started with reading parenting books out loud to her to multi-task figuring out how to raise a child with her hearing my voice and expanding her vocabulary. Eventually, we moved on to the classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Good Night Moon and Brown Bear Brown Bear. Fast forward to today, little princess Noa now throws book after book at me to read to her. She has her favorites which she can read over and over, both in my lap and also quietly by herself in the corner of the room; it calms her, grounds her and entertains her. It helps her wind down before bedtime and energizes her with the excitement that comes with better understanding what makes up her world.

Princess Noa
Here was one of the first books we received from The Story Box which my own sleeping beauty loved!

I found myself often Googling “Best Books for Toddlers” or “Best Books for Language Development” to continue to build her library. I sometimes missed the mark with a book that didn’t capture her attention and I am always scouring for new reads that I think will become new favorites.

When I heard about The Story Box, a monthly subscription box of hand-picked books by a speech pathologist, I was so excited to give it a try! I knew my little one would love getting new (and stimulating) books each and every month and it would also cut out some of the research on my part. The real judge, however, is obviously Noa who really loved the books sent in the first package. The images were eye-catching, the language was simple and perfect for her age range and what’s even more exciting is knowing that in just a few weeks, we’ll have more books coming our way!

Children's Reading Subscription Service

I truly love the concept behind this service; it helps a new mom build up her child’s library with ease, it makes an incredible gift to a new mom, it helps older children have something to get excited about each month (something we want to encourage!) and the books are hand-selected to help with language development.

What are some of your child’s go-to reads? Comment below!

You can join The Story Box here. The Story Box is also offering a 1 month subscription giveaway to one lucky winner! Submit your e-mail below to enter. Make sure to follow both Your Little Ladybug and The Story Box on Instagram for an additional entry and where we will announce additional way to enter. Giveaway ends July 15th, 2016. 

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