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How to Survive the First Few Months with Twins
Mariam Barnes
Mariam Barnes

Congratulations! You are not only a mother but a mother of twins. A loaded blessing that is. Your joy is understandable, but again you must be nervous. A thousand questions are rolling in your mind. How will I hack with the demands of the two newborns? Am I really prepared for this? Don’t worry. You are neither the first nor the last twin mom. With a little adjustment to your normal activities and help from loved ones, you will be amazed at how fast everything will pass. So, how can you survive the first few months with your twins?

1)    Stock up on baby essentials

Your demand will be double that of singletons. Therefore, have enough stock of everything that you need. Be it diapers, clothes, formula, bottles, wipes, just everything. You will be amazed at how the over supply will come in handy. Consider taking advantage of annual sales to reduce on the essentials budget.

2)    Connect with other twin moms

The only person who can understand a twin mom’s life is one in the same situation. Today, hundreds of online and offline forums focus on twins. Why not join them on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A lot of them!

3)    Focus on details

Most mothers tend to develop a forgetful mind once they give birth to their angels. I think it is also known as “Sleep deprivation.” You need to know when you fed which baby or changed their diaper or when they slept. Get a notebook and record all this. It sounds silly, but I promise it is necessary. Imagine feeding the same baby twice and forgetting to feed one baby all together. It happens to every twin parent at some point. It gets even crazier when the babies are identical. As a mother, you need to determine a way of recognizing who is who. Maybe spotting a mark or probably imprinting their names on clothes. Sounds funny but it is a solution.

4)    Ask for help

It goes without saying, you surely need help. Don’t be a superhero because you won’t hack it. If support is offered, embrace it. If no one seems to help, request for it or hire someone. Don’t focus on the clothes that need to be washed, or errands to be run or even meals to be cooked, let your support system handle the chores. Your top priority should be the babies and ensure their every need is taken care of.

5)    Get everything ready

Feeding times can be chaotic especially when the babies are awake at the same time. It is a good idea to have everything ready before feeding time. When both babies are screaming it is really stressful to run around and try to put a bottle together.

Finally, try to remember….you totally got this.

Mariam Barnes is a mother of twin girls, and the founder of, a site for EVERYTHING twin related including registry suggestions, product reviews, deals for moms, a Twin mom gift shop…. and of course a ton of cute twin pics.  You can follow her on Instagram or like her Facebook page

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