Finding Time to Exercise with Baby
Exercising with Bebe: 7 Ways to Squeeze in a Workout PostPartum

You’re crunched for time, and although you would love to get started on your health and fitness routine, you’d rather catch up on sleep or housework. We completely get it but with a more than willing baby fitness partner, you will both be able to get back your core strength and flexibility and also make playtime exciting! Here are some of our tips for squeezing in a workout postpartum:

Tummy Time

Tummy time for mom is not the same as tummy time for baby. When your doctor gives you the OK to perform crunches, you can begin this core-strengthening workout. This movement is pretty simple yet can be challenging for new moms. In a seated position, grab baby and adjust them so that they’re lying on their tummy on your knees, and facing you. Grabbing their teeny tiny hands and with a flat back, simultaneously lean back while lifting your bent legs. This slow and steady movement forces you to focus on your core and balance. Start out with 3 sets of 10 reps, and then work your way up to 15 reps once you are comfortable.


You will definitely break a sweat performing this exercise. Grab your baby and put her in a front-facing sling or carrier. Adjust so they are comfortable. Your feet should be an inch wider than your hips, toes facing outward. Now, with your back flat, shoulders rolled back, and weight evenly centered, slowly lower your body to a squat. Come back up to the starting position. Repeat for 3 set of 10. You can also lunge side to side if you feel confident enough!

High-Chair Lunges

This easy-peasy exercise will put a spring in your step and add laughter to lunchtime. When it’s time to eat, set baby in the highchair like normal and have your food ready. If you are spoon feeding, this will make the exercise even more enjoyable. Stand in an upright position about a foot away from the highchair. Lunge forward with the food as they give you a hearty, open-mouth laugh. Bounce back to starting position and repeat. Three sets of 15 reps should get your blood pumping and your baby finishing her meal. It’s a perfect distraction to encourage eating while you get your workout in!

Swim Away

Nowadays, you can find a swimming pool in just about every town. Whether you belong to a local fitness center or have the ocean nearby, you can easily get your workout in anytime. Always use protective gear in the pool, even in the shallow end, which is where you’ll reap the most benefits of this exercise. While baby is in a swimming ring, gently push the ring while taking giant steps, shifting to the other side of the pool. You’ll want to do about 10 rounds. That’s it! The faster you pump your legs, the harder the resistance, giving you a full-body workout.

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