DIY Puzzle Cards
D I Y Spelling Puzzle Cards

My two year old daughter is just starting to learn how to spell. After much practice, she can now recognize her nickname (JoJo) when it’s written! She’s also really into puzzles, and I’ve been trying to figure out fun ways to teach her new words, so I thought “Why not create some puzzle cards?”

These have been a huge hit! I started with just a few words, like her full name (Joelle), “mama”, “dad”, “dog”, “cat”, etc. And while she is still a ways off from really knowing how to spell, she can at least now start to recognize some words!

This project was SUPER easy, and cheap. And if you have even the slightest artistic ability, then you can make these too! What I love about this craft is that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I started with some watercolor cardstock. I bought a pack of 30 sheets for like $5 at Walmart. It’s thick and sturdy, and it won’t get all bent out of shape when it gets wet from the paint. Nobody likes wonky flashcards that don’t sit flat! I’m using regular watercolor paint, nothing fancy.


Step One:
Cut your cardstock into flashcards. They could be larger or smaller than mine, just depends on what you want! A tiny set would be great to keep in your purse or diaper bag!

Step Two:
Using a sharpie or other permanent marker, write the letters on each card. You don’t want to use any type of marker that would bleed if it happened to get wet.

Step Three: 
Line up your cards and make a watercolor blob that will connect each card. We’re not looking for perfection! Just a blob.

Step Four:
After the paint has dried take a fine tip sharpie and create your little bird faces and legs (or monster faces, or people, get creative!).

A N D …. That’s it! You can laminate them to make sure they last longer.

Now your little can line up their letter cards, using the watercolor pictures as a guide, and start to recognize sight words! It’s such a fun activity, especially during times when you need your little to be quiet (like church, or the doctors office, or a restaurant…).

Let me know what you think! And if you create your own cards, tag me on Instagram so I can see them too @jojo_and_bee
Britt & Jojo

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