Children's Room Display Wall
Creating a Unicorn Display Wall for a Kid’s Room or Nursery

Well our unicorn wall is complete! All the components came together and everyone (including the most important little judge) is happy with how it turned out. We did a lot of Pinterest searching and brainstorming and what we pulled together was functional and completely our style. The most important elements of this display wall were to showcase and store books (I wanted a couple of the shelves accessible to princess Noa and some out of her reach to store some of the books I know she would love to just rip to shreds), a place to display some of the sentimental items like her coming home outfit and baby book, and then finally a unicorn head (arguably THE most important element).

Below are the elements I utilized for this wall, however, you will find that there are so many options to really make this type of project your own.

Shelves: Picture Ledge Floating Shelves

They have a ton of options for these floating shelves on Amazon. I originally purchased one to see if I liked how it looked and I ended up buying 3 more. I love the width of these shelves as they allow you to display the books facing forward which gives kids a clear view of all their books. I also love having the two lower shelves so that princess Noa can change out her own books and I still have the tops ones to kid myself into thinking everything is organized!

36″ Inch White Floating Shelves: Purchase Here

Polka Dot Appliques 

I absolutely love the company Ollie and Lime; they have the coolest minimalist nursery and kid’s decor. The polka dot accents are really what made this wall pop. I opted to do a semi-random design where I did map out where I wanted the dots to go but I also didn’t heavily stick to a grid. I was a little nervous when I got off my OCD course mid-way into the project but I am so happy how it turned out. I love the neutral dark and light greys which tie into the ABC and Number pictures (also on display and from Ollie and Lime). Check out all they have to offer here.

Nursery and Kid Display WallComing Home Outfit

I had Noa’s coming home outfit sitting in a plastic bag and I kept saying I wanted to display it. Well, at close to 2 years old, it has finally happened (although I can’t find the socks). I purchased this white shadowbox on Amazon and it was exactly what I wanted. I do also have her first birthday party outfit but my husband thought I was getting a little crazy with wanting to frame all her clothes and in fairness, it could be a slippery slope. You Can Purchase the Shadowbox Here

Nursery or Kid's Room Display Wall

And the Unicorn…

In my opinion, you just need to have something to top it all off whether it’s a unicorn or a bear head (OK, it doesn’t have to be a stuffed animal head but I mean c’mon). I picked up this unicorn head from Target, however I was debating an all silver one from Amazon which was about 4X the price. (Notice I buy a ton of stuff on Amazon lol — shopping with a toddler is impossible!)

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

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