Motherhood: How to Ease Social Anxiety
New Moms: Ease Social Anxiety with Positive Self-Talk
While every pregnancy is different, many mothers describe their experience with pregnancy, childbirth, and the trying months following their labor similarly: it’s isolating. Once the initial excitement and ‘glow’ of pregnancy has worn off, expectant mothers are faced with the limitations of their newfound situation. Not being able to consume
6 ‘Me Time’ Activities You Can Enjoy in 20 Minutes or Less
“Geez, sounds like you need some ‘me time’…” If you’re a mom, you are no stranger to this comment, which typically comes from a well-meaning stranger, friend, or partner. The “me time” comment comes into play after you snapped at someone for breathing too loudly, turned a pleasant conversation into
How much screen time for kids?
Our Bedroom is for Sleeping and Sex? Limiting Screen Time for Adults.
When it comes to the long-term effects of screen time on our children, parents have a PhD from the University of Google with a Master’s in Mom Guilt and a Bachelor’s in I Have No Idea What I’m Doing. The general consensus is no — zip, zero, zilch — screen
Finding Time to Exercise with Baby
Exercising with Bebe: 7 Ways to Squeeze in a Workout PostPartum
You’re crunched for time, and although you would love to get started on your health and fitness routine, you’d rather catch up on sleep or housework. We completely get it but with a more than willing baby fitness partner, you will both be able to get back your core strength
5 Ways To Be A Healthier and More Fit Mom
Being a mom means we regularly struggle to find “me” time. Our nutrition can often consist of our kids’ leftovers (hello, chicken nuggets and extra cheddar Goldfish) and far too frequently we may take advantage of naptime to catch some Z’s ourselves instead of spending it on something more rewarding.
Fitness Tips to Get Bikini Ready
Top 10 Fitness Tips to Get Bikini Ready
If you have stepped foot into a Target in the last couple of weeks, you will have discovered it is officially BIKINI SEASON in retail-land. Which means… You have probably started considering the fact that your body may or may not be ready to jump into that brand new bikini