5 Tips for Starting out on your ‘Mompreneurial’ Journey
5 Tips for Starting out on your ‘Mompreneurial’ Journey

Having spent over 15 years in corporate business environments, I knew change was imminent and as fate would have it, I found out I was pregnant. At the time I was delighted but also a little terrified as I had taken a Director role and I did not want to lose my position I had worked for throughout my whole career. I had a million thoughts going through my head of how I was going to manage this role when I had a newborn, especially since I had no family support in Australia. I had never known a life without working and now what was I going to do?

While pregnant, I was asked by the CEO to let go staff members days before Christmas and to fly to a board meeting at 4 AM; I was thinking to myself, “What am I doing”? I was exhausted but kept it up until I went on maternity leave. I planned to go back to work after 3 months maternity leave; however, once my baby girl was born WOW how my thought process changed! I recall getting calls about work and I could hardly think straight and eventually my hesitations around juggling family and work set in. Plus, I didn’t get a baby who loved sleeping! Beyond that, I panicked when thinking of leaving my little one in day-care; she was so little, I did not want anyone other than me looking after her.

Two weeks before going back to work the business went into liquidation. I didn’t know if this was a good thing or what I was even going to do. I came to the realization that I didn’t want to work in an environment where 50+ hours a week was the norm. I didn’t want to drop my daughter off at day-care at 6:30AM and pick her up at 6:30PM every day. However, I still wanted financial freedom but with more flexibility. I decided I was going to set up my own consultancy.


Having set-up my own business I realized that all mums can DO THIS, here are my top 5 tips for setting out on your entrepreneurial journey: 


Know WHY You Are Doing What You are Doing

Your WHY is what keeps you going. If you feel demotivated or lost, think of WHY you started this business and WHY you are working so hard. It could be to support your family, spend more time with your children or simply to keep you stimulated.

Support: There are Always GOOD Days and BAD Days

It does not matter if you are a CEO of a major business or an entrepreneur with an IDEA, everyone needs support. In order to stay on track, share ideas and collaborate to stay motivated.

Don’t Be Afraid to ASK for HELP

This is super important! If you’re stuck, ask for HELP. Everyone is learning in business and asking for help can fast track you, save you time and keep you sane.

Master One Thing at a Time

Often trying to process everything can be exhausting; you can get confused and overwhelmed. Start with one area and master that, then move on.

Don’t GIVE Up

If you are going to GIVE go back to your WHY (TIP 1). You can do this mums! Have the determination and patience to make this happen.  Speak to your support group and keep going!

Claire Mansell is the founder of Motivated Mummy Entrepreneurship, a community that empowers mums around the world to realise their potential and strength to live their dreams. This support group understands the work and family juggle and aims to inspire, motivate and support mum entrepreneurs in order to overcome the challenges on your road to building your business and living your dream. You can also join her entrepreneur hub for mums here



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